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Girl Sitter Model Call

Thank you so much for your interest in Legacy Newborn Photography's Maternity Model Call! Whitney specializes in maternity and newborn photography and is looking for one girl age 5 - 10 months old, who wears approx. 6 month clothes, and sits independently. 

1. Child must be 5-10 months old and sitting independently.
2. Parent must be willing to sign a model release.
3. Must be able to bring your child to my Clearwater studio.

Please review and complete this form to apply.

Your commitment to me: 
1. Meet at my Clearwater studio within 1 week of being notified.
2. Participate in a 30 min - 1 hr photography session in my Clearwater studio.
3. Enthusiastically participate in the overall process.

My commitment to you:
1. A beautiful photo shoot for your child.
2. Gorgeous professional image gallery that you will cherish.
3. Complimentary digital images that you get to choose from your gallery. Additional images and prints are available for purchase.
4. Top-tier client service and care.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

Thank you so much for checking in. There are currently no Model Calls open. 

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