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Stewart Family || Family Photos on Honeymoon Island || Dunedin, FL

Okay. I won’t lie. I photograph on Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, Florida A LOT.

It’s my favorite place to shoot for many reasons. The first is that it’s the beach, and it’s beautiful. The second is that it’s always changing….seriously, I never know what to expect.

The beach shapes change with every storm that blows through. New driftwood shows up, and other is washed away. The colors of the sky change with the minute, especially during golden hour. And the sky may be filled with clouds or completely clear. I LOVE IT.

The littlest Stewart, Robert (age 3).

Kristyl, one of my first-ever clients, contacted me last October about doing an extended family session with her family and her in-laws. Because of weather, sick kiddos, and life, we ended up rescheduling in late January…on a Sunday….which HAPPENED to be the day of the Super Bowl…oops.

Extended family sessions in an unpredictable setting can seem like a daunting task to any photographer. But you know what? They’re one of my favorites.

The kids can play and be themselves, while Mom and Dad chase them.

I can focus on smaller family groups while we give others a bit of a camera break.

And there’s SO. MUCH. LOVE.

Grandparent love!

If you’re looking for a family photographer to capture authentically-you images of your family in the Clearwater, Tampa, or St. Petersburg, Florida areas, e-mail me at orangedropphotography@gmail.com or click here to get in touch!

xoxox, Whitney





Stewart Family || Family Photos on Honeymoon Island || Dunedin, FL

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